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UPDATE: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

UPDATE: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Westside Music Conservatory is proud to be COVID-19 Assured!

To help Santa Monica Shine during this difficult period and to reaffirm our city-wide commitment to safety and cleanliness, the Santa Monica Shines Assurance Program was formed in partnership with the City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism, ARROW UP and Santa Monica College in collaboration with Sustainable Works.

Look for the Santa Monica Shines COVID-19 Assurance program seals in the storefronts of Santa Monica businesses. These businesses have gone above and beyond to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

Businesses who are COVID-19 Assured have done the following:

  • Demonstrated that they are Following cleaning protocols designated by the Center for Disease Control, California Department of Public Health and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
  • Had their staff complete the Santa Monica Shines online training on COVID-19 awareness and customer service.
  • Conducted an on-site or virtual walk-through with a member of Sustainable Works.
  • Agreed to receive protocol updates and new content through micro-courses and micro-lessons to promote on-going awareness of the evolving pandemic and keep safety top-of-mind.

UPDATE: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

THANK YOU again to all our families!
You are the BEST!

We sincerely appreciate your continued support. Although we are allowed to re-open, the Westside Music Conservatory (WMC) does not feel that it is safe to re-open at this time for in-person lessons. We will remain 100% online for the time being; the health and safety of our students, parents, teachers, and staff are our top priorities.

In the meantime, however, Leilani and I are making a lot of changes! We are carefully following scientifically-based recommendations daily. We have read countless journal articles and research papers, and we are working with epidemiologists and other medical professionals. Leilani completed the certificate course in Covid-19 Contact Tracing offered by Johns Hopkins University via Coursera, and we are incorporating her new expertise as we prepare WMC for re-opening.

We have been securing the disinfectant needed to meet CDC and EPA guidelines, and are following Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Reopening Protocols:

and now have at least a six-month supply of:

  • Clorox/Lysol disinfecting wipes/disinfectant to sanitize door knobs/handles, tables, chairs, and other surfaces
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol in continuous fine mist spray bottles to disinfect piano keys

In preparation for our eventual re-opening, we have (or will have):

    • New gate at our back entrance: this new gate creates an additional (very large) secure L-shaped outdoor space (outdoor space #1)
    • New entrance to WMC through our central courtyard space (outdoor space #2) via our west side gate
    • Touchless hand-washing stations operated by foot pump with touchless foaming hand soap dispensers in both outdoor space #1 and outdoor space #2
    • Socially distanced seating in these two outdoor spaces, which have been cheerfully re-landscaped with colorful annuals/perennials
    • CDC safety guideline posters on every building entrance door, studio door, and restroom door
    • Social distance floor stickers approximately 12 feet apart in hallways
    • Touchless faucets and touchless foaming hand soap dispensers in restrooms
    • Fresh air circulation
    • Teaching studios will all have windows that open to allow fresh air circulation
      • Furniture and pianos are being moved around to maximize WMC’s greatest asset: 30 sets of large operable windows
      • In addition to operable windows, we are exploring security screen doors for some/all of our exterior doors to allow for even greater fresh air circulation throughout the building
      • We are consulting with HVAC engineers/specialists to determine if would be helpful to have a different kind of air filter for our HVAC systems
      • We are looking into the effectiveness of portable stand-alone HEPA air filtration devices in rooms with open windows
    • To keep our students, teachers, and staff safe, every person entering will have a touchless forehead temperature scan before entering the building
    • We respectfully ask all students, teachers, and staff with any illness or any of the following symptoms to stay home, rest, and seek professional medical advice:

if you have any of the following symptoms
  • All students, teachers, and staff will be required to wear a face mask (cloth and/or medical)
    • Face shields will also be available for teachers and staff to wear over face masks
    • To minimize the number of people inside WMC at any given time, all parents must wait in one of our outdoor waiting areas (socially distanced), in their cars, or at Starbucks to minimize the number of people inside WMC
      • Parents will be able to actively observe AND participate in lessons via Zoom/Facetime, etc., while their children are having 1:1 lessons
      • All teachers will have the choice to remain ONLINE when we re-open
        • We support the health and safety of our teachers
        • If a teacher chooses to remain ONLINE, then all of his/her students will continue lessons virtually
      • All students will have the choice to remain ONLINE when we re-open
        • We support the health and safety of our students and their families
        • If a student chooses to remain ONLINE, then the student will continue lessons virtually
      • All 1:1 in-person lessons will be conducted in studios where the teacher and student will be separated by at least 6 feet
        • However, WMC has enough space that when we re-open, lessons will be scheduled in studios where the teacher and student will be separated by at least 12 feet
          • This is possible in Rooms 1, 6, 8, 16, and 18
      • Only 1:1 strings (violin, viola, cello), guitar, piano, and theory lessons will resume in person when we re-open
        • Winds/Brass/Voice and all Ensemble/Group classes will remain ONLINE until further notice

UPDATE: Friday, March 20, 2020

On Thursday night, March 19, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a “STAY AT HOME” order to protect the health and well-being of all Californians and to establish consistency across the state in order to slow the speed of COVID-19.

The Westside Music Conservatory is now closed and will remain closed until the “STAY AT HOME” order has been lifted.

We are shifting to virtual lessons for all of our students and sincerely THANK YOU for supporting our teachers and the Westside Music Conservatory during this challenging time.

We encourage you to try an online lesson before cancelling lessons. Many of our teachers are performers and have lost all of their performance (gig) income. We would like to do everything that we can to ensure that they do not also lose their teaching income. We will work around your schedule; all of our teachers are flexible and can accommodate most schedule changes and requests. If you have a tablet, smart phone, or a laptop with a webcam, all we need to do is to send you an invitation to connect

Best regards,
Deborah & Leilani

(424) 581-6400

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