Acceptance is by audition and/or teacher recommendation ONLY.

The Advanced Academy at the Westside Music Conservatory (WMC) is for students who are seeking serious study in music; subjects include performance, technique, musicianship (sight reading and ear training), and theory.

Advanced Academy students may be playing at any level: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Young Artist, Amateur Adult.

Third-Party Assessments
Advanced Academy students are required to take at least one third-party assessment per year that includes performance and theory written examinations. Most students participate in The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Certificate Program and/or the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC) Certificate of Merit Evaluations, but other performance/theory exam systems are acceptable.

Students must take at least 40 private lessons per academic year (20 lessons each semester), and a minimum of 6 additional private lessons over the summer at the Westside Music Conservatory.

All Advanced Academy students must also be enrolled in Group Theory Classes at the Westside Music Conservatory. Students are expected to attend a minimum of one Group Theory Class per month, from September through June. Students preparing for RCM Certificate Program Theory Examinations in August (Summer Session) are highly encouraged to enroll in one or both of WMC’s Music Theory Intensive Review Weeks during the two weeks (Monday–Friday, 9:00am–3:00pm) leading up to the RCM Theory Exams in August.

All Advanced Academy students will be invited to perform in various recitals throughout the year at the Westside Music Conservatory and/or other events and performance venues. If studying with an MTAC teacher, students will also be eligible to participate in MTAC Branch and State programs.

Master Classes
Advanced Academy students who are playing at the Intermediate, Advanced, Young Artist, and/or Amateur Adult levels are eligible to participate in master class for world-renowned performance artists. (See Faculty & Staff list.) Students will be selected by the Westside Music Conservatory for each opportunity by audition and/or teacher recommendation. (Fees for Master Classes are additional.)

Chamber Music
Advanced Academy students are encouraged to play in ensemble groups! WMC offers various chamber music opportunities with coaches and/or ensemble group instructors. WMC also offers world music ensembles (Balinese gamelan, African drumming) and handbell choir classes!